Incapacity for work

If you become ill, Shell will in principle continue to pay your wages for the first 2 years. You will also continue to accrue pension.

If you are ill for more than 2 years
You might be entitled to a WIA benefit from the government. WIA is the Dutch acronym for Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act. The UWV (Uitvoeringsinstituut Werknemersverzekeringen) (Employee Insurance Agency) will determine your degree of incapacity for work. Are you working outside the Netherlands? It will be determined by an independent physician and an independent occupational consultant.

Have been declared incapable for work for 35% or more?
And has your employment been terminated partially as a result? In that case, you will receive income consisting of:

  • a WIA benefit from UWV
  • supplemented by an invalidity pension (AOP)

Your AOP will take effect as soon as your employment contract with Shell has been terminated. And will continue until your pension date, unless you recover or pass away before your pension date.

How much disability pension will I receive?
The UPO shows you how much AOP you will receive upon fill-time employment. You can find your UPO in My Archive on my-Shell pension. Are you partially disabled or incapable to work? If so, you will receive a partial AOP. The benefit percentage is determined as follows:

% incapacity for work % disability pension (AOP)
80% or higher 100%
65% - 80% 72,5%
55% - 65% 60%
45% - 55% 50%
35% - 45% 40%
up to 35% 0%

my-Shell pension

You will continue to accrue pension
You will no longer have to pay contributions for the part that you are disabled or incapable for work. This is known as waiver of contribution. Special conditions do apply. They are set out in the regulations.

Annual adjustment of your AOP
Once the AOP has started, it will be recalculated every year (indexation). The regulations explain you how it works.

Are there any changes in your incapacity for work?
You will not need to do anything. UWV will inform us of this situation.