Pension with SNPS

You started employment at Shell on or after 1 July 2013? Then SNPS (Shell Nederland Pensioenfonds Stichting) arranges your pension. Would you like immediate insight into your pension? Then log in at my-Shell Pension, your personal portal. Or read more about your pension in Pension 1-2-3.

SNPS is a defined contribution scheme
You and your employer pay a monthly age-dependent contribution with which you accrue your own pension capital. You will use this to purchase pension benefits in the future.


All agreements about your pension are stated in Regulations I (pdf).

Are you earning more than € 121,951.- on a full-time basis ((as of 1 Februari 2024)) ? You may participate in the Shell Net Pension Scheme. Then you accrue pension in the Shell Net Pension Scheme for your salary above that amount.

The following is provided in your pension scheme

At SNPS you accrue a pension capital that is used to purchase an old-age pension on your retirement date. With effect from your retirement date you start receiving a pension benefit. You will receive this benefit as long as you live. If you have a partner on your retirement date, your pension capital will also be used to purchase a partners' pension. Your partner will receive this partners' pension when you die.

If you should die during your employment, any partner and/or children you have will receive a pension from Shell Pensioen. Your partner will receive a partner's pension for life. Your children will receive an orphans’ pension until their 18th birthday. Children who are studying are entitled to an orphans’ pension while they are studying (but only up to the end of the month of August after their 24th birthday).

Notice! If you cohabit without being married or live abroad, you must register your partner with SNPS for the Shell pension scheme yourself.

What happens if you cannot work due to a disability? You may qualify for an invalidity pension. In case of full or partial occupational disability, your contributions to the Shell pension scheme will continue to be paid for the period that you are fully or partially incapacitated for work. SNPS will in such case continue to pay the pension contribution.

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