Pensions abroad

If you live abroad after your retirement, you continue to be entitled to the retirement credit you earned in the Netherlands.

Receiving pension payments abroad
You can have your pension deposited into a foreign bank account number. Very often, however, the bank charges additional costs for this.

  • For your SNPS pension all transfer costs are for your own account.
  • For your SSPF pension you and SSPF share the transfer costs.

If you are not sure whether you receive a pension from SNPS or SSPF, check the payment date of your pension.

Payment dates
Your pension is paid per month. For payments within Europe the standard payment dates apply. Payments to countries outside Europe will take approximately 4 working days. ABN AMRO administers the payments and cooperates with a number of preferred banks. If you have a bank account with 1 of these banks, your pension benefit will often be paid out sooner.

Certificate of life
We request that you complete the form ‘Certificate of Life’ (or: ‘Attestatie de vita’) once a year and send this to us. In this way we know that your pension payment is justified. We will send digital communication about this. Ensure that we have your email address saved in my-Shell pension. Didn't you give us your email address? Then we will send a form to the address we have administrated for you. Please complete the form and have this signed by an authorised body. Send us the form with an official stamp or statement of authenticity. If we do not receive a ‘Certificate of Life’ we will stop your pension payments.

Changes to bank account number
If you have a different bank account number, please send us your new bank account number in writing, or scanned by email. Please also send us a copy of your proof of identity with this. (First, make your social security number and photo illegible).