Indexation policy

Indexation if you work and accrue pension
If you are accruing pension, the Pension Fund will let your accrued pension grow automatically each year with the development of the majority of the Shell Nederland salary scales. This is referred to as indexation and takes place annually on 1 February.

In recent years, your pension has been indexed as follows:

 Year  Indexation  Development of salary scales
 2021  0.0%  0.0%
 2020  2.0%  2.0%
 2019  1.0%  1.0%
 2018  1.0%  1.0%

Indexation if you receive your pension or have left employment
Each year the Pension Fund tries to let your accrued pension grow in line with the increase to the consumer price index figure. This is referred to as indexation. Indexation can only happen if the financial situation of SSFP Pension Fund is healthy enough, it is not a guarantee. The board of SSPF takes a decision on this each year.

Year Indexation  Ambition
 2021  0.0%  0.7%
 2020  1.6%  1.6%
 2019  1.6%  1.6%
 2018  1.5%  1.5%