The greatest possible care is taken to administer your pension scheme correctly. You may however be dissatisfied with the administration or the treatment you may have received. In such cases, you are free to register a complaint. This page summarizes the complaints procedure of SNPS. Rights may only be derived from the official text of the Complaints Procedure.

Who can register a complaint?
You are eligible to register a complaint if you believe that you hold rights against SNPS under the statutes and/or regulations of SNPS.

What can you register a complaint about?
- The administration of your pension scheme.
- The treatment you have received.

Registering a complaint
You must submit a complaint in writing to the board of management of the Pension Fund (SNPS). You address your complaint to the Pension Administration and Information department. This can take the form of a letter or an email. Please mention in your email, whether you have a complaint about SSPF or SNPS. You will receive a reasoned response in writing no later than 2 weeks after the receipt of your complaint. If you do, please state your full name and date of birth.