How to stay informed

In the short term, the Pension Agreement does not yet affect you. The latest possible implementation date for the new plans is 1 January 2027.

We will keep you informed

In the course of 2022 we expect more clarity regarding the further specification of the new pension system in legislation. If any new information is made known, we will inform you about it on this website and in the newsletter. You will receive the newsletter if we have your email address. You can notify us of your email address via my-Shell pension.

Review your current pension
To ensure that you understand the Pension Agreement and its potential consequences properly, it is important for you to be familiar with your current pension. Go to my-Shell pension to access your pension information.

View the information page
There is an information page on the employer website especially for Shell employees.

Or visit the new website ('our new pension', only available in Dutch), launched by the unions, employer organisations, pension administrators and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.

Do you have any questions?
  •  Questions about the Pension Agreement? If so, please send an email to
  •  Questions about your current pension plan? If so, please contact us at Shell Pensioen.