Pension accrual adjusted to AOW

If you joined Shell before 1 July 2013, then you are either accruing a pension with SSPF or you have done so in the past. The regulations associated with your pension scheme were changed with retrospective effect as of 1 February 2024.

Your future pension accrual has been adjusted to the increased AOW
You accrue pension on part of your salary. The part of the salary on which you do not accrue a pension is covered by the state pension (AOW). Because the AOW has risen sharply over recent years, you accrue less pension through your employer’s pension scheme. As a result, the current SSPF scheme had to be amended. Without this adjustment, the pension accrued would exceed the limit for tax purposes, which is not permitted.

View our web regulations for details on your scheme
The regulations are a legal document where you can find all pension entitlements. For the most common situations we now provide a clear and compact explanation. Including useful videos, steps and tips. This helps you know exactly what is arranged for you and when you need to take action. You can always click through to the legal section for more information on exceptions and details. 

View the regulations (pdf)