Green light for new Pensions Act

After passing the House of Representatives, the Senate also approved the Future Pensions Act (Wtp) on 30 May. The new law will take effect on 1 July 2023. However, the latest effective date for the new pension scheme has been postponed to 1 January 2028; a year later than was planned.

Preparations moving ahead
Shell, in its capacity as employer, had already been making preparations for the proposed changes for quite some time and has held several exploratory talks with the Central Works Council (COR). They will continue to work closely together on the framework of the new pension scheme.

We will of course keep you informed about further developments
What changes apply to you depends on the scheme you have at the moment. And whether or not you still accrue pension. You can read more on our Pension Agreement page. Keep an eye on our website to make sure you stay up to date. Go to my-Shell pension to check if we have your correct e-mail address! That way, you'll never miss any news on your pension.