Your pension in 2022 from gross to net

You pay a monthly contribution for the Zvw health insurance and for payroll tax. We will deduct these contributions from your gross pension. The amount remaining is your net pension.

The contribution for the Zvw health insurance decreases
The contribution for the Zvw health insurance is induced as of 1 January 2022 and amounts to 5.50% of your gross pension. In 2021, this was 5.75%. As a result, your net pension will be slightly higher. You pay a maximum of € 3,283.83 per year. You do not pay any contribution over your gross annual pension in excess of € 59,706.-.

We deducted an incorrect percentage for the Zvw health insurance contribution from your January benefit
We will correct this in your February benefit, together with the corrections for the new 2022 tax rates. For more information, read the news item about this.

The taxation changes per tax bracket
The payroll tax consists of wage tax and national insurance contributions. Below you see the contributions, percentages and amounts for deductions on your pension as of 1 January 2022.

Wage tax and national insurance contributions (pdf)