Face scan replaces signature?

This spring, we explored the possibility of retirees using an app with a facial recognition functionality to provide proof of life - something that retirees who live abroad are formally required to do every year. This usually involves them completing a form, which they then have signed by a competent authority.

Digitisation technology is now available to improve this process. A special smartphone app enables users to quickly, easily and safely scan their passports/ID cards and faces into the app. By introducing the use of facial recognition - like banks and credit card companies before us - we will be able to benefit from the very latest developments in biometric security.

The 'Proof of life' app is a success
One big group of retirees was sent the usual proof of life form to complete. Another group, consisting of 106 test subjects, was given the option of using either the form or the app. Just 47% of the first group returned the completed proof of life form, in comparison with 70% of the second group.

Approximately 90% of the test subjects experienced the facial recognition app as ‘neutral’ to ‘very pleasant’. The test subjects expressed their appreciation of the app: “It’s free, quick to use and saves a long wait at the local-authority public counter”, “Modern technology”, “Very user-friendly”. Users all felt that the app was safe to use. They scored the app a high seven on average.

The app makes life a little bit easier
We are currently making a number of changes to the app and identifying how we can use it in the services we provide. Our ultimate goal is to offer an 8+ participant experience. All being well, all participants will be able to use the app as of next year.