No indexation for SSPF this year

Do you receive a pension benefit from us? Then you recently received a letter from us regarding the increase of your pension (the addition of a supplement to your pension). Whether your pension has been increased, depends on your pension fund (SSPF or SNPS).

We did not increase your SSPF pension on February 1, 2021
Once a year, the Board decides whether or not to increase your pension and, if so, by how much. Its decision depends on the financial situation of SSPF at that time. The Board has decided not to increase your pension this year. The Board will decide whether an increase is possible again next year.

Want to know more about indexation with SSPF? Read our indexation policy.

We increased your SNPS disability and surviving dependants’ pension by 2% on January 1, 2021
Pension increases are provided for in the regulations.

Your pension amount is specified in your Uniform Pension Overview
You will receive this overview in May 2021. It states the pension amount you can expect to receive and the pension amount your surviving dependants will receive if you die.