Shell Pension wins Award for best pension fund in the Netherlands

Shell NL Pension Fund (SNPS) with its Collective Variable Pension (CVP) has received the 2020 Award for the best pension fund in the Netherlands from Investment & Pensions Europe (IPE).

SNPS received this award together with SBZ Pensioen for the well thought-out design of our pension scheme.

CVP is regarded as the Dutch pension scheme of the future
Among the reasons why the jury chose CVP as the winner, was: “Shell and SBZ Pensioen have developed an innovative pension that is ahead of its time.” A compliment we can be proud of!

What makes CVP so innovative?
The scheme is in line with the main principles of the new pension system. We continue investing the pension, even after retirement. This means that members can still benefit from the profits after their retirement and that their purchasing power can be compensated. There is, however, a chance that the benefit payment is reduced from time to time. At the same time, risks are shared among all members and results are spread over 5 years. This allows us to mitigate the risk of major shocks in the pension.

More about CVP

What are the IPE Awards?
As a trade journal, but also through the annual Conference & Awards, IPE focuses on the innovation and variety of European pension schemes. The IPE Conference & Awards have been organised for the past 20 years; the conference is the largest pension event in Europe. We are therefore extremely proud to have won this Award!