What is the effect of coronavirus on your pension?

The Dutch government continuously tries to control the coronavirus. We, too, are monitoring developments concerning the virus very closely. But what does the current situation mean for your pension?

We invest your pension for the long term
Whether you're participating in the SSPF or SNPS pension scheme: we always invest your pension for the long term. Also, we look very carefully at the risk-return ratio of our investments. At SNPS you decide how much risk you want to take. You do this by choosing a risk profile. Also read what Bas Koch, Senior IT Advisor Integrated Gas and board member at SNPS, has to say on this.

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Your SSPF entitlement or benefit will not change
The financial effects of coronavirus and historically low interest rates are being felt in the funding ratio. We are seeing some recovery in the funding ratio for August and September. Despite the lower funding ratio, your entitlement or benefit will stay the same. View the current status of your pension at my-Shell pension. And read more about your pension fund's financial situation.

Your pension with SNPS moves gradually with the fluctuations
Share prices fell sharply early this year following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Thankfully, share markets have steadily recovered in recent months. Because you also invest in shares within the Life Cycles of SNPS, you will see the fall in value reflected in your accrued pension capital. We take interim setbacks into account by spreading the investments over a number of different investment categories. The reason for this is that not every investment category reacts with equally volatility to the coronavirus developments. If you invest according to a neutral or defensive profile, we invest part of your pension capital in relatively safe bonds.

Are you already receiving your pension from SNPS? The investment results for your SNPS pension are spread over 5 years. This ensures that your pension is less prone to fluctuations and that your pension develops at a more gradual pace. Watch the SNPS video about Spreading the results for more information.

Would you like to know more about the current state of your SNPS pension accrual?
View your value statement. This is available on my-Shell pension and you can read more about it in our November 2020 newsletter.