Receive a text message with payment date pension benefit

Do we have your mobile number? Then you have received your first text message with the payment date of your pension benefit at the end of October 2020. So you know exactly when to expect your pension benefit, which is convenient if the benefit is paid out on another date because the normal payment date falls on a Sunday or public holiday.

Would you also like to receive text messages?
Register your mobile number and you may already receive a reminder about your payment in December. You can easily leave your mobile number with us via my-Shell pension.

1. Go to ‘Home’.
2. At the bottom right under ‘Arranging quickly click on ‘Contact details’.
3. Click on ‘Change’ and enter your mobile number.

We send the text message to a small group of participants. If they respond positively to this service, we will extend this service to more participants in the future. If you do not want to receive any text messages, you can always deregister by sending us a text message.