Pension with SSPF

Did you start employment at Shell before 1 July 2013? Then SSPF (Stichting Shell Pensioenfonds) arranges your pension.

Would you like immediate insight into your pension? Then log in to my-Shell pension, your personal portal. Or read more about your pension in Pension 1-2-3.

Your pension with SSPF
Your pension scheme is a career-average scheme. Each year you will earn retirement credit on your salary for that year. This provides your pension payment in the future, which is based on the average salary that you earned during your employment at Shell.

If you die during employment, arrangements are made for your partner and/or children. If you become disabled due to an illness or injury, you may be eligible for disability pension. All agreements about your pension are stated in Regulations VI (pdf).

If you earn more on a full-time basis than € 127,603 (as of 1 February 2024), you can participate in the Shell Net Pension Scheme. Then you can accrue pension in the Shell Net Pension Scheme for your salary above € 127,603.

Your pension is indexed every year
The pension you have accrued is indexed annually. Read here how that works.