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Shell regards good working conditions for its employees as important, including a good pension. Welcome! In the videos we tell you more.

Have you just started working at Shell?
Your pension scheme is a defined contribution scheme. You and your employer pay a monthly contribution with which you accrue your own pension capital. You use this to buy a pension no later than on your 68th birthday. If you die during employment, arrangements are made for your partner and/or children. If you become occupationally disabled you may be eligible for a disability pension. Read more about your pension in Pension 1-2-3. All agreements about your pension are stated in Scheme I.

Pension 1-2-3

What you should arrange yourself
There are 3 things you need to arrange:

  • Do you wish to transfer the pension you accrued with (a) former employer(s)?
  • How do you want us to invest on your behalf: neutrally, offensively or defensively?
  • Do you cohabit or do you live abroad? Register your partner with us.

Would you like immediate insight into your pension?
Then log in to my-Shell Pension, your personal portal. Here you will find all your pension correspondence. Let us know your personal e-mail address and mobile telephone number to prevent you from missing out on any information.

my-Shell pension

Moving your pension (value transfer)
You can move your pension from your previous employer(s) and incorporate it into the SNPS pension scheme. Whether this is financially beneficial for you depends on both schemes. You can compare these by means of Pensioen 1-2-3 and the Pension Comparer. Or consult your financial adviser. You can apply for a value transfer via my-Shell pension.

Decide how we will invest on your behalf
Your pension capital is invested in accordance with the profile of your choice: neutral, offensive or defensive. You decide how much risk you are willing to take. On my-Shell pension you can determine the best risk profile for you in just a couple of steps.

Registering your partner
In case you and your partner live abroad, whether married or unmarried, you should register your partner with us. Please use the form Shell Pensioen Sign Up Partner to do so. You will also have to submit a notarial cohabitation agreement or a notarized extract of this. Check whether your partner is registered with us in my-Shell pension.

Do you have any questions? 
Please contact us. We will be happy to assist you!