Just started working at Shell

Have you just started at Shell? Welcome to your pension fund!

Pension with SNPS
Shell Nederland Pensioenfonds Stichting (SNPS) arranges your pension. You can find more information on this website about your pension scheme and the pension fund. Your Pension 1-2-3 contains some general information about your pension.

Your personal portal
For all of your personal information, log in to my-Shell pension, your personal portal. You can make calculations, decide how you want to invest, and see what you can expect later. You can also find your Uniform Pension Statement there, as well as other messages from our pension fund.

What you should arrange yourself
If you’ve just started employment, there are 2 decisions you need to make:

  • will you be moving your pension from your previous employer(s) to SNPS?
  • how do you want us to invest on your behalf: neutrally, aggressively or defensively?

Moving your pension (value transfer)
You can move your pension from your previous employer(s) and incorporate it into the SNPS pension scheme. Whether this is financially beneficial for you depends on both schemes. You can aply for a value tranfer via my-Shell pension. You will recieve a value statement from us, stating how much your ‘old’ pension is worth in our pension plan. If you agree, we will arrange the value transfer for you.

How will we invest on your behalf?
Your pension capital is invested in accordance with the profile of your choice: neutral, aggressive or defensive. You decide how much risk you are willing to take. On my-Shell pension you can determine the best risk profile for you in just a couple of steps.

Do you have any questions?
Please contact us. We will be happy to assist you!

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