What to do in case of

Your personal situation changes. Or you are moving. Of which changes should you notify us?

You are cohabiting, getting married or are entering into a civil partnership
Nothing will change for your pension payment. After your retirement your partner is not entitled to a partner’s pension. So you do not need to register your partner with us if you reside in the Netherlands.

You are ending your marriage or registered partnership
If you were already married or in a registered partnership before your retirement date, according to the law, your former partner will be entitled to part of your pension. This amounts to half of the old-age pension that you accrued from your marriage date to your divorce. Under the Dutch system, this is referred to as 'verevening' (equalisation).

You can arrange verevening using the government form ('Mededeling van scheiding in verband met verdeling van ouderdomspensioen' or Notification of divorce relating to division of old age pension). Complete the form and send this to us within 2 years of your divorce. You can make other agreements about this together. These agreements must then be stated in your divorce covenant or marriage conditions. You should then send us a copy of these agreements within 2 years of your divorce.

If you married after your retirement date or have entered into a registered partnership, then a separation has no consequences for your pension payment.

You are no longer living together
If you lived together before your retirement date, your ex-partner may also be entitled to a special partner’s pension. Check on your annual pension overview for this. Don’t forget to deregister your partner with us at My-Shell pension. If you started living together after your retirement date, nothing will change. You do not need to arrange anything. Please note: (unmarried) living together with a cohabitation agreement is different from a statutory registered partnership.

You are moving house
You do not need to notify us of your new address if you reside in the Netherlands. We will receive this information from the municipality in which you live.

In the event of your death
The municipality where you live will inform us of this if you reside in the Netherlands. We will then contact your partner and/or children. Your surviving dependants can also contact us. Whether your partner and/or children receive a payment will be stated in the pension scheme that applies to you.

You live abroad
In the event of any changes always please contact us. We do not receive any changes from the authorities abroad. If you live abroad and you die, we ask that your partner and/or children contact us.