From whom will I receive a pension?

You used to work at Shell and you have now retired. Who arranges your pension?

You started employment before 1 July 2013
Then you receive a pension payment from SSPF (Stichting Shell Pensioenfonds). This is a fixed payment, From your retirement date, you will receive a fixed pension amount every month. Your pension will be conditionally indexed every year. The pension fund will try to ensure that your pension grows each year with the price movements. This is not certain. You will receive annual notifications about this.

You started employment on or after 1 July 2013 and/or participated in the Shell Net Pension Scheme
Then you will receive a pension payment from SNPS (Shell Nederland Pensioenfonds Stichting). This is a defined variable payment. On your pension date you opt for a fixed or variable pension payment. In case of a variable pension payment, your pension remains invested in accordance with the Collective Variable Pension investment mix. The expectation is that your pension will increase in the long term. This is not certain. The results of the investments will be processed annually in your pension. The results are spread over 5 years to prevent large swings. Your pension can thus vary per year.

If you have chosen to purchase your pension from an external pension provider on your pension date, you will receive a pension from this provider.