Payment dates

Your pension will be paid monthly. View here the payment dates for SSPF and SNPS.

Your pension payment of January is calculated with the 2019 tax rates. This will be corrected in February. You will recieve a specification in cause your pension payment changes. The specifications will be sent digitally as of 1 February 2020.

Did you start employment before 1 Juli, 2013? Then you receive your pension from SSPF
Your pension with SSPF will be paid in advance as standard on the 5th working day of the month for which you receive a payment transferred to your bank.

Are you a Voeks member? Then the annual subscription fee has been deducted from your pension payment of January.

Maand Betaaldatum
January Thursday, January 2
February  Monday, February 3
March Monday, March 2
April Wednesday, April 1
May Friday, May 1
June Tuesday, June 2
July Wednesday, July 1
August Monday, August 3
September Tuesday, September 1
October Thursday, October 1
November Monday, November 2
December Tuesday, December 1

Did you start employment on or after 1 July, 2013 or did you earn more than the statutory fiscal maximum? Then you receive your pension from SNPS
Your pension with SNPS will be paid afterwards around the 25th of the month for which you receive a payment transferred to your bank or account.

Month Payment date
January Friday, January 24
February Tuesday, February 25
March Wednesday, March 25
April Friday, April 24
May Monday, May 25
June Tuesday, June 25
July Friday, July 24
August Tuesday, August25
September Friday, September 25
October Friday, October 23
November Wednesday, November 25
December Friday, December 18