The choices for your pension

At Shell your pension commences when you turn 68, but earlier, later or semi-retirement is also possible.

Which choices do you have?
You can let your pension commence from the age of 55. You make the following choices on your retirement date:



Do you first want to see the consequences of your choices for your pension? You can calculate these with my-Flex planner on my-Shell pension, your personal portal. Log in easily and safely with your DigiD.

My-Shell pension

Would you like to retire when you reach age 68?
If so, there is nothing you need to arrange yourself. You will receive more information from us six months before your retirement date. This will tell you how to apply for your pension and what else you need to arrange.

Do you want to retire early or part-time?
You can do so from age 55. Please bear in mind that your pension will have to be paid longer. And you will accrue less pension. Your monthly pension benefit will therefore be lower. Please note: if you retire (or take semi-retirement) more than 5 years before you have reached the official state pension age, it may have financial consequences. It is recommended to seek advice in this respect from a tax expert. Your state pension age and more information about your state pension is available on

In the case of semi-retirement you will continue to work part-time. You will still accrue a pension on this part. For the other part you will retire. You can arrange this in consultation with your employer. If you opt for a variable pension with SNPS, you can retire part-time from age 58.

How to you arrange your pension?

  • Have you accrued a pension with SNPS? Send us the  form SNPS (Part-time) Pension earlier or later (pdf) at least 6 months before you want your pension to commence.
  • Have you accrued a pension with SSPF? Please submit your pension choices to My-Shell pension via my-Pension Application, at least 6 months before you want to retire.
  • You need to inform us of your pension choices for your Shell Net pension scheme separately.
  • Do you still work for Shell? Inform your manager on time so he or she can start the offboarding process.

Do you want to retire after you have reached age 68?
You can postpone your pension until you are 70. You will then continue to accrue pension as long as you are employed by Shell. As a result, your monthly pension benefit will be higher. You will discuss your choice with your employer.