Exchanging pension

At SSPF (Stichting Shell Pensioenfonds) and SNPS (Shell Nederland Pensioenfonds Stichting) you can adjust the proportion between your retirement pension and your partner’s pension.

You wish to exchange retirement pension and partner’s pension (SSPF)
At SSPF we have arranged for a default partner’s pension. You can change the proportion between retirement pension and partner’s pension. You can opt for a partner’s pension of 70%, 50%, 30% or 0% of the retirement pension. Your partner always has to sign for approval. Are you single on your retirement date? Then we will automatically convert the partner’s pension to a higher retirement pension for you.

You opt for a higher or equal retirement pension for as long as you both live (SSPF)
You can select this option for example if you expect that, while you are both live, your spending pattern will be different if one of you were to die. Since we prefer to further explain this option to you in person, we kindly ask you to contact us.

You wish to exchange partner’s pension into retirement pension (SNPS)
At SNPS your partner’s pension is insured on risk basis, i.e. there is a partner’s pension for your partner if you die while working with Shell. If you opt for Collective Variable Pension (CVP) on your retirement date, SNPS will purchase a partner’s pension by default. If you do not want a partner’s pension,  you can specify this when you apply for your pension. You need your partner’s signature. If you are single on your retirement date, we will not purchase any partner's pension.

How can you arrange your pension?
From age 55 you can tell us your pension choices. Do this at least 6 months before your retirement date. Do you first want to see the consequences of your choices for your pension? You can calculate these with my-Flex planner on my-Shell pension. Log in easily and safely with your DigiD.

Do you have a pension with SNPS?
Please contact us at least 6 months before you plan to retire. If you retire before turning 58 years, you cannot participate in the Collective Variable Pension (CVP) plan when you turn 58.

Do you have a pension with SSPF?
Please tell us your choices via my-Pension application at my-Shell pension at least 6 months before you plan to retire.

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