Introduction ‘Proof of life’ via app

Digital alternative to form Life Certificate.

Shell Pensioen is currently testing an app that retirees abroad can use to provide Proof of life. To date, retirees abroad have been asked to complete a form and then have it signed by a competent authority. On May 10th, 2021 a group of 100 selected individuals will receive a letter in which they are offered the option to deliver Proof of life by an app instead of the form.

With the app in place, retirees will be able to spend just five minutes doing something that would otherwise sometimes have taken them a whole day. The retiree scans the data from his/her passport or ID card. Using facial recognition software, the camera then scans the individual’s face. The process is then complete. In this way, retirees are able to quickly, easily and safely arrange the proof required without even having to leave their homes.

More information available in Dutch.